WSUS client error 0x80244022

Ever seen this error “Error 0x80244022 occurred while downloading update notifying dependent calls”  in your Windows Update.log? Typically you have a Windows client, set up to use WSUS, but still you see that it keeps banging at for updates. Most likely this is caused by a corrupt download, and the best way (if you … Read moreWSUS client error 0x80244022

Bug in Windows 2003 Network Connections?

I’ve found something that appears to be a bug in the Windows 2003 GUI. I’ve had some trouble getting the status dialog box for the Network Connections to show. Selecting the LAN connection and double-clicking, right-clicking or File –> Status all failed. Usually I just go to the Start menu, select Network connections and double-click … Read moreBug in Windows 2003 Network Connections?

Move the local WSUS update folder

To move the WSUS content folder to a new location, use the wsusutil.exe. It’s located in C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\ To move the folder to d:\wsus you first have to create the folder, then run the wsusutil from the command line. Log file has to be specified. wsusutil.exe movecontent d:\wsus d:\wsus.log Depending on the size of … Read moreMove the local WSUS update folder

Snapdrive install – Event id 11923

Tried installing a Snapdrive upgrade (6.1)on a cluster, but ended in error code 1923 that the current account didn’t have rights to add a service. I tried both the local administrator account and the domain admin account, but both failed. Don’t get more rigths than these, so I was puzzled that the installer failed. Event … Read moreSnapdrive install – Event id 11923