Timed out sending notification of target device…

PlugPlayManager Event id 257: Timed out sending notification of target device change to window of “C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE” If you see a lot of these messages, typically every 2 minutes then check to see if you have any administrator users which are disconnected (through RDP). Cause is most likely that the server tries to poll a client … Read more

WSUS client error 0x80244022

Ever seen this error “Error 0x80244022 occurred while downloading update notifying dependent calls”  in your Windows Update.log? Typically you have a Windows client, set up to use WSUS, but still you see that it keeps banging at http://update.microsoft.com for updates. Most likely this is caused by a corrupt download, and the best way (if you … Read more

Move the local WSUS update folder

To move the WSUS content folder to a new location, use the wsusutil.exe. It’s located in C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\ To move the folder to d:\wsus you first have to create the folder, then run the wsusutil from the command line. Log file has to be specified. wsusutil.exe movecontent d:\wsus d:\wsus.log Depending on the size of … Read more

How-to uninstall Internet Explorer 8

I you want to uninstall IE8 and it won’t uninstall through add/remove program. Should apply to beta and release candidate (that was where I needed it). Program didn’t show up in add/ remove, but could be uninstalled through %systemroot%\ie8\spuninst\spuninst.exe. I had to use this procedure since I first installed the beta. When I tried to … Read more

IO Error in application

Had a case today with an application giving an IO error on a terminal server (Windows 2003 combined domain controller/ terminal server/ Citrix) . If logging in with a domain admin it worked just fine, but if a regular user tried to start it, it caused an IO error. After playing around with the security … Read more

Hiding the Cancel button in Windows XP Service Pack 3 install (or No Cancel, Back and Finish)»

Yesterday I made my first AutoIT script. Excellent tool for tweaking with installs (and other windows) to make them more suitable for your needs. Go to http://www.autoitscript.com/ for the tool. Best of all, it’s free 🙂 To make the button go away create a new AutoIT script and use the code below. Note: This script was … Read more