How-to uninstall Internet Explorer 8

I you want to uninstall IE8 and it won’t uninstall through add/remove program. Should apply to beta and release candidate (that was where I needed it). Program didn’t show up in add/ remove, but could be uninstalled through %systemroot%\ie8\spuninst\spuninst.exe. I had to use this procedure since I first installed the beta. When I tried to … Read more

IO Error in application

Had a case today with an application giving an IO error on a terminal server (Windows 2003 combined domain controller/ terminal server/ Citrix) . If logging in with a domain admin it worked just fine, but if a regular user tried to start it, it caused an IO error. After playing around with the security … Read more

Hiding the Cancel button in Windows XP Service Pack 3 install (or No Cancel, Back and Finish)»

Yesterday I made my first AutoIT script. Excellent tool for tweaking with installs (and other windows) to make them more suitable for your needs. Go to for the tool. Best of all, it’s free 🙂 To make the button go away create a new AutoIT script and use the code below. Note: This script was … Read more

Free screen capture with Greenshot

For a completely free and easy to use screenshot capture, you should give Open Source Greenshot a go. It easy to use and has some advanced features like auto filenaming, save directly to file. When you do the capture, you get a crosshair and the area you selct has a green tint (aka Greenshot I guess) … Read more