Open Source is the best (for free)

Open source is the best. There’s nothing quite like free software. I’m sitting on a machine running on Ubuntu, and would probably be more happy if I actually didn’t buy it with Windows Vista (and paid for the license). But this laptop just runs really slow with Vista and I needed something that would make it useful. Waiting 10 minutes for the machine to finish loading is just a drag.

This one is using a customized Ubuntu called Ultimate Edition 2 and is packed with software. For any user which needs to surf the Internet and write documents, Linux is an option, also for you, and best of all it doesn’t cost much (if anything).

The biggest problem I’ve discovered so far is that most commercial software is written for Windows, and only Windows…but Wine comes to the rescue. A lot of programs can run through Wine, and Wine-Doors gives you some easy ways to install a number of applications.

Visit foe more on Ubuntu, WineHQ for Windows apps on Linux. Look at Ultimate Edition for a fully packed Linux, even with games!!!
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