Monitor uptime using SNMP

Recently had a question if we could monitor uptime in some way. I found out that SNMP was probably the easiest way to go. Using the SNMP value system.sysUpTime.sysUpTimeInstance (OID . you can list the value. We use Nimbus with and use the snmpget probe to get the value, but any SNMP tool should do. It might look a little strange, because it monitors in what’s called timeticks, which are 100th of a second. So 1 hour equals 60 minutes * 60 seconds * 100 milliseconds = 360000 timeticks. My alarm triggers when the server hasn’t rebooted for 24.5 hours (8820000 timeticks) and sends an alarm to the console.
In Nimbus I didn’t get the alarm working if I had the “display timeticks as numeric value switch” off.


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