QNAP backup to external drive

I’ve been happy with my QNAP TS-1679U for a while now, but suddenly had trouble backing up to an external drive. After som troubleshooting, I discovered that the behavior for external storage devices changed in firmware 4.1 (http://docs.qnap.com/nas/4.1/Home/en/index.html?external_storage.htm).


Note: Starting QTS 4.1, labeling is supported for external USB devices. To edit the label of an external USB drive, please first format it as EXT3 and EXT4 and click “Storage Information” to edit its label. The label changed will become the shared folder name of this external USB device in the File Station (in the File Station, an USB external device will appear as a shared folder.) Note that this feature is only supported by the x69, x70 and x79 NAS models.
The default is now that the disk is mounted with the label instead of the standard USBDisk1 which clutters my jobs. Note that the behavior has only changed for drives that are added after the firmware update, old ones worked as before. Actually you’re not able to format the drive anymore without setting a label, so I woulcd call it mandatory, not supported.

Backup before:

QNAP-1679 synch properties - before











Disk properties now:

QNAP-1679 disk label










QNAP-1679 mount point equals label






New synch job properties:

QNAP-1679 synch properties - after











Current firmware is 4.1.3