Unable to delete files or folders from System Volume Information?

OK, probably a security feature built in to Windows 2008. If you give yourself access to the System Volume Information folder in 2008 (e.g take ownership) you can see the files, but if you try to delete something, everything looks OK. You press Delete, confirm with Yes and “What the f#%¤!”, the folders are still there? Even if you try running Explorer with elevated privileges, it doesn’t help.

What you have to do is run it from the command line.

Start –> Run –> cmd –> “OK”

cd System Volume Information

rd “folder name” /s /q

System Volume Information delete files

You might have to run the last command twice or else it won’t delete the top folder.

Please BE CAREFUL when deleting stuff under System Volume Information! In my case I had to do it due to an unsuccessful restore which left behind 5Gb of data
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