Bug in Windows 2003 Network Connections?

I’ve found something that appears to be a bug in the Windows 2003 GUI. I’ve had some trouble getting the status dialog box for the Network Connections to show. Selecting the LAN connection and double-clicking, right-clicking or File –> Status all failed. Usually I just go to the Start menu, select Network connections and double-click Local Area Network, but on some servers it just wouldn’t show the Status dialog. Same thing happened if I went through the Control Panel.


Since I’m writing this post of course I’ve found a workaround 🙂 I could report it to Microsoft, but it would probably cost me big bucks to fix it…


Instead of just clicking Network Connections on the Start Menu (or Control Panel), right-click and select Open. The you should be able to get the Status dialog on your LAN Connections.


It worked for me, and might work for you too 😀

(Tested on Windows 2003 R2 SP2)

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