Move the Remoteinstall folder in Windows 2008

When I set up my testserver I only had one disk available. Afte a while it started filling up, so I added a second disk to it. To move the RemoteInstall folder from the Windows Deployment Services in 2008 while keeping all the settings I followed this procedure:

Using elevated privileges Start –> Run –> cmd

Run WDSUTIL /uninitialize-server

wdsutil uninit 

The copy the RemoteInstall folder to the new location (in my case D:\)

Run WDSUTIL /Initialize-Server /RemInst:D:\RemoteInstall

wdsutil init

That’s it!

Your WDS storage is now moved to the new location. Needless to say, but you should now check to see that your still able to PXE boot and install images.

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4 thoughts on “Move the Remoteinstall folder in Windows 2008”

  1. Hei,

    Det er forskjell på kommandoen du har skrevet man skal skrive inn, og det du selv har skrevet i command-vinduet.

  2. I don’t think you can use a UNC path, but haven’t tested it so it’s hard to say.

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