Which version of SQL Server 2008 Express Edition?

Microsoft has released 3 different versions of SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. Which version should I download and use?  Well, depends on your needs, but just to be sure, I downloaded SQL Server 2008 Express Edition with advanced services. This is the one that has the most features, but if you need them is another question…

Found this link to an MSDN blog which shows the features in each edition: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlexpress/archive/2008/08/07/what-s-up-with-sql-server-2008-express-editions.aspx

I’m using it for a Windows 2008 WSUS test  environment, so I could use the Windows Internal Database, but where’s the fun in that 😉

If you want to do it the easy way, you don’t have to install any version of SQL Server Express on Windows 2008 at all. You could use the Windows Internal Database which is included with the OS. Just add the feature Windows Internal Database.

Haven’t looked into this yet, but I think it should also be possible to migrate the internal database to feor example an express edition (2008). Have a look at these:

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